Youth Day at the Capitol
Information for Parents/Guardians and School Officials

On Wednesday, May 8, 2012, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Magellan Youth Leaders Inspiring Future Empowerment (MY LIFE) will host a youth leadership event entitled, “Youth Day at the Capitol.”

Missing a day of school is not ideal, but in order to attend the Legislature while in session, it is not possible to hold this event on a non-school day. This event provides an excellent opportunity for youth to experience our state government process first hand by meeting and speaking directly with legislators about critical youth issues. We firmly believe that school is of utmost importance and must be the top priority for youth; however, this event provides youth a truly unique hands-on educational experience by providing insight and connecting them to the democratic process.

Youth Day at the Capitol participants will: 

·       Benefit from the opportunity to interact with legislators about ways to reduce stigma, educate our community, and advocate for mental health, substance abuse, and foster care-related and youth-oriented issues

·       Meet state senators, representatives, and legislative staff

·       Tour the Pennsylvania State Capitol and be presented with an overview of the history of Pennsylvania’s government

·       Receive valuable resources from youth-based agencies on their programs and services

·       Be awarded a certificate of participation

·       Enjoy meaningful discussions and presentations 

Youth Day at the Capitol will not only be an educational and empowering experience for youth, but will also help them to develop leadership skills, social skills, and greater self-confidence. Thank you in advance for considering your student’s participation in this leadership event.

Please contact Tara Karbiner at (215)504-3973 or, if you have any questions.