PA Families Inc. Statewide Family Network
Looking for Board Members 

PA Families, Inc. aka PFI is undergoing a significant reorganization and is looking to enhance their Board of Directors. They are looking for diversity and statewide representation of families across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PFI is looking for your help in sending out this application to potential applicants so in moving forward PFI is a strong statewide family network. Following the System of Care philosophy, PFI will be restructuring the organization to further its efforts in supporting families wants and needs across all State child serving systems including but not limited to Mental Health, Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Juvenile Probation, Education, Drug and Alcohol, etc. but will also provide Natural Supports for families within their communities.

Please fill out an application if you would like to be considered as a PFI Board member or help PFI enrich their Board of Directors by sending this to anyone you feel will be an asset to PFI.

PA Families, Inc. thanks you for your time and assistance,  

Karan A. Steele
Prevention, Education, and Outreach Coordinator

Value Behavioral Health of PA
520 Pleasant Valley Road
Trafford, PA 15085
724-744-6363 Fax