Shelley Fairclough-Gumbs, MA
HFW Coach
YFTI Lead Trainer

Shelley Fairclough-Gumbs joined the High Fidelity Wraparound workforce in May 2010 as a Facilitator at Pinebrook Family Services in Lehigh, PA.  Currently, she is the HFW Coach to the Lehigh County team and a lead- and co-trainer for the Youth and Family Training Institute.  As Shelley learned more about the model, she realized how she used elements of the model as a Special Education teacher and a Case Planner.  As a Special Education Teacher for the New York City Department of Education, Shelley created an environment where students felt they had a voice in what they learned.  She learned from a parent that  “students are here to teach you instead of you teaching them”. Shelley realized that she was there to facilitate the children’s education, not dictate it. She also realized that the classroom belonged to everyone. From that point on, Shelly sought to create a learning atmosphere in which the students had a hand in creating it. As a Case Planner for a non-profit in NYC, Shelley worked with young women in a transitional living setting.  She sought to teach these young women not to rely on a system but rather to find their own way in life and do it in a way that was best for them.

As a Facilitator, Shelley enjoyed meeting with her families in the community but as a Coach is unable to do that on regular basis.  She now makes it a habit to meet with some of the families, establish a connection, so they are aware that she is an involved team member who is there to make sure they are guided through the process with the highest degree of fidelity.

When not at work, Shelley can be found using the HFW model with her family as needs and concerns arise!